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Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is the difference between the free and the commercial versions of DollyCam?
    The free version adds a watermark in the lower right corner of the stabilized video.
    All features are otherwise the same as in the commercial version.
    Note that if you want videos without a watermark, you have to buy the commercial version
    before you record them as there is no export functionality at present.

  • Can I stabilize old video clips using DollyCam?
    DollyCam uses the gyroscope and accelerometer sensors on your device to stabilize the videos. Data from these sensors is not available in videos recorded by other apps, and thus it is impossible to import them in DollyCam.
    We may add image-based camera motion estimation in the future, but accurate motion estimation on current iOS devices is unfortunately very slow.

  • The video occasionally zooms / refocus when recording. Can this be avoided?
    The default setting in DollyCam is to have the camera automatically refocus. While this is convenient for casual users, it may be very annoying if you want to produce a professional video, as the video will briefly be blurred when the camera is refocusing. In iOS 5 Apple made the automatic refocusing more frequent, and thus potentially more of a nuisance. Thus, in DollyCam 1.1.0 we introduced a Tap-to-refocus setting (found under Expert Settings). If you activate this setting, the camera will re-focus only when you tap the screen on a location that you want to be in focus.





DollyCam 1.3.0 update (Feb 21, 2013)

A new version of DollyCam is available in the App store.

News: Added calibration profiles for iPad4, iPadMini.

Improved user feedback messages. Added test of URL-handler functionality.


DollyCam 1.2.0 update (Nov 26, 2012)
A new version of DollyCam is available in the App store.
News: Added support for iPad3 and iPhone5.
Improved calibration profiles for iPad2,iPhone4, and iPhone4S.
There are also some minor GUI fixes.


DollyCam 1.1.0 update (Jan 4, 2012) 
An updated version of DollyCam is available in the App store. This version adds support for iPhone4S and the options for auto/fixed focus and white balance.


DollyCam 1.0.2 update (Oct 6, 2011) 
An updated version of DollyCam is available in the App store. This version fixes video playback in iOS5.



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